6 Things to Know Before Your Mommy Makeover

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Joy, anticipation, excitement, anxiety, hope. Planning for a mommy makeover can bring up a mix of emotions. As a plastic surgeon, wife, mother, sister, and daughter who specializes in mommy makeovers here in Houston, I completely understand how these feelings can become overwhelming — especially right before surgery.

I want my patients to feel safe, confident, and knowledgeable throughout their entire journey. To assist with this, I’ve created a list of reminders for patients to consider before and after surgery. While it’s not a “do this” or “don’t do that” type of list, I believe these factors are just as important as the pre-operative and post-operative checklists you’ll get during your consultation.

Start with a healthy lifestyle

My approach to mommy makeovers encompasses a woman’s entire body. That means a healthy lifestyle has an important role to play. It’s essential that patients create positive habits and live a healthy lifestyle well before they enter the operating room. Healthier women heal more quickly and maintain their results long into the future. A few quick tips include:

  • Making small, healthy changes in diet
  • Building a consistent exercise routine
  • Taking measures to manage stress

It might not be as tough as you think. Many of my patients say that after surgery, they’re even more motivated to keep up with that lifestyle and maintain the results of their mommy makeover.

Talk about everything

Throughout the entire mommy makeover process, I often encourage my patients to make sure they have clear communication with their family members about what to expect. Talk with partners, friends, and other people in your life about the downtime you’ll need to rest and recover. Let them know what you’ll need help with. They will want to help you! They just need a little guidance.

Children may be confused as to why you’re not feeling well, so you may find it helpful to approach the subject with positive reassurance. Tell them that you’re having surgery for a good reason and that you’re going to feel even better soon. Provide them with a rough timeline of when you’ll be back to your normal self, and make it educational.

Let yourself get some rest and relaxation

I can’t express how important it is for patients to rest after their surgery. During the first few days after a mommy makeover, you’ll be sore and a little uncomfortable. While it’s important to move around your home when possible, avoid activities such as:

  • Picking up children and pets
  • Reaching up high
  • Putting pressure on the areas close to your incisions

Pick up some books, plan to binge watch some TV, and relax. Putting more time towards your recovery will help you feel better and faster.

Trust your loved ones

As a mother, wife, daughter, and busy professional, I’ll be the first to admit it can be challenging to pass the work you do on to others. From the cooking and cleaning to errands and tasks at work that you often perform, trusting others may be hard. However, this is the time in your life where you must take the chance to rest and put your trust in others. Your loved ones will likely be able to take care of a lot more than you think!

That being said, don’t be shy to ask for help, too. If you’re feeling sore and aren’t up to going to the grocery store, ask a friend or family member to pick something up for you. You’ll be able to return the favor when you’re fully healed.

Find your patience

After surgery, you will want your results immediately. Waiting patiently as you heal is no easy feat! For most patients, swelling can last a few weeks and scars from incisions will fade over the months following the procedure. Remember that your patience will be rewarded, and revel in the results that gradually reveal themselves as you heal over time. Keeping up with healthy habits and a positive lifestyle also goes a long way toward making your results even better.

Remember: you deserve it!

I get it. We women spend so much time as the mother, the sister, the wife, the busy professional, the survivor, the athlete, that it becomes difficult to put ourselves first. But that’s what a mommy makeover is all about.

You have worked hard for the beautiful body you have and if you decide it’s the right path for you, then really let yourself enjoy it. When those pangs of guilt come up, remind yourself how much you deserve it, and congratulate yourself for having the courage to do it.

If you’re curious about how our practice performs mommy makeovers here in Houston, browse our before-and-after gallery to take a look at real patient results. If you have any other questions or concerns, you can always contact me online or call the practice at

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