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About Us

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Dr. Camille Cash and her staff work together to offer patients seeking reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery the best results and most pleasant experience possible. The practice functions very much as a team of interdependent professionals who support and respect each other. The result is a practice that's accessible and responsive to the people who visit us for cosmetic plastic surgery in Houston, TX.

Are you interested in finding out how your appearance can be improved with plastic surgery? Request a consultation with Dr. Cash or call (713) 571-0600 , and discover how much you can feel at home.

Comfortable Office Setting

Dr. Cash's office, conveniently located in Upper Kirby, is designed with visitor comfort in mind. The office has a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere where patients can feel welcome. “For us, we want the office to feel like a home away from home,” Dr. Cash says. “We hope our cosmetic surgery patients and medical spa clients feel like they are our guests.”

We Welcome You

Getting the most out of life begins with feeling confident about your appearance. As a woman, wife, and mother, Dr. Cash understands this concept firsthand. She has crafted her practice around offering quality cosmetic surgery and medical spa services that are convenient for women and men in Houston and beyond. Discover more about our exceptional doctor by visiting the following pages:

  • Meet Dr. Cash: Learn about the many qualities that make Dr. Cash a highly regarded Houston plastic surgeon.
  • Patient Testimonials: Read words of praise and appreciation from Dr. Cash's patients.
  • Giving Back: Find out how Dr. Cash donates her time and services to worthy community organizations.
  • Surgical Facilities: Learn what options Dr. Cash offers cosmetic surgery patients for the setting of their procedures.
  • Choosing a Surgeon: Read about Dr. Cash's credentials to understand why she's a top choice among patients.

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