Surgical Facilities

When it comes to choosing a hospital or outpatient surgery center, safety is the No. 1 priority. In addition, Dr. Camille Cash believes comfort and convenience are important when it comes to providing the best patient experience for those who choose her for plastic surgery in the Greater Houston area. Therefore, she performs all surgeries in fully licensed and accredited hospitals and surgical centers.

Dr. Cash values your safety and comfort as much as providing you with attractive results. Request a consultation with Dr. Cash or call  (713) 571-0600 to schedule a visit to talk with our top plastic surgeon about your options in Houston, TX.

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Watch Dr. Cash help patients on TLC's Skin Tight program regain their confidence through body contouring procedures. Learn more about her appearance.

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As Seen on TLC

About Accreditation

The Joint Commission is an independent, not-for-profit organization that sets standards for hospitals and outpatient surgery centers, among many other types of medical facilities. What is accreditation? It is a distinction for surgical facilities that indicates quality, similar to board certification for plastic surgeons. Both distinctions are voluntary and represent dedication to the highest industry standards. The Joint Commission sets standards for organization quality, safety-of-care issues, and the safety of the environment in which care is provided. Accredited facilities are subject to an unannounced survey by The Joint Commission at any time.

Your Options

Dr. Cash performs cosmetic surgery procedures at state-of-the-art accredited hospitals and surgical centers in the Houston Metropolitan area. Please inquire about specific facilities.