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Breast Augmentation : The “Natural Look” Is In

The days of oversized breast implants may be coming to an end. In Houston, plastic surgeons like myself have noted more women requesting natural-looking implants. This “less is more” approach helps women feel confident and beautiful without the signs of obvious surgical intervention. In my practice, I work closely with every woman to help her achieve the aesthetic results that fit her lifestyle and personal preference. Why are women opting for more natural-looking implants? One of the most common reasons that women are choosing smaller implants for their breast augmentations is to make exercising easier. As any woman with large … Continue reading

4 Common Reasons Women Choose Breast Augmentation

Micromastia: Perhaps the most common reason to pursue breast augmentation, micromastia is just what it sounds like: small breasts. However, micromastia can be rather subjective. One woman’s “too small” may be another woman’s “just enough.” If you simply feel that your breasts are too small relative to your frame, or your breasts never seemed to “fill in” during puberty, micromastia is likely the reason you’d list for wanting breast augmentation. Asymmetry: First, let’s address one important point. Very few sets of breasts, if any, are perfectly symmetrical. The expression you hear about eyebrows also applies to breasts: “They’re sisters, not … Continue reading

Considering Breast Augmentation? Ask Yourself These Questions

#1: What do I hope to achieve from this procedure? Believe it or not, breast augmentation is not always about larger breasts. Many women pursue breast surgery to correct an asymmetry or to even perk up “the girls” after pregnancy. But this might not be the best approach. A breast lift might be more appropriate for breasts that droop or nipples that point down, below the breast crease. A breast lift can be performed on its own or combined with breast augmentation to improve both volume and position. A breast augmentation on its own doesn’t noticeably lift the breasts and may actually make … Continue reading

All I want for Christmas Is to Feel Beautiful–Giving the Gift of Cosmetic Enhancements

We all strive to find meaningful gifts for our loved ones each year during the holiday season. Have you ever thought about gifting an aesthetic treatment or plastic surgery procedure? At my Houston practice, this is becoming more common. Of course, this isn’t the traditional cashmere sweater or scented candle, but it’s a gift that can truly better someone’s life. Nowadays, cosmetic procedures are commonplace, and any stigma around them has all but disappeared. It’s not just celebrities in Hollywood who get a little nip and tuck or BOTOX injections. Men and women living in middle America are getting both … Continue reading

Breast Implant Sizing—How Big Is Too Big?

When you’ve decided to have breast augmentation, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is how large you want to go with your breast implants. Implant size is a personal choice that is unique to each patient. Your body, lifestyle, and aesthetic goals are important to discuss with a doctor before making a final decision. I advise breast augmentation patients at my Houston practice to consider many different factors when choosing their ideal implant size. The following are a few things to think about when you’re making the decision about size: The quality of your breast skin: Skin … Continue reading

Why Winter Is the Ideal Season for a Cosmetic Treatment

With fall in full swing and the holidays rapidly approaching, you may be surprised to hear that this can be an ideal time to schedule a cosmetic treatment or a plastic surgery procedure. At my Houston practice, these are some of the reasons patients choose the fall and winter months to undergo treatments. Cooler Weather As the temperatures drop, we begin to pile on sweaters and scarves to combat the brisk air. This will make it much easier to cover up any bruises, swelling, and bandages during your recovery from a breast or body procedure. Typically, we stay away from … Continue reading

Breast Augmentation: Before or After You’re Done Having Babies?

Younger women who visit me for breast augmentation here in Houston have plenty of questions — and most of them want to know whether the surgery is compatible with pregnancy. In this blog post, let’s get to the bottom of that topic so you can make an informed decision. Your Candidacy: Breast augmentation is well-tolerated and noted for its safety, so if you’re dissatisfied with the size of your breasts and are in generally good health, you’re likely a candidate. However, the only way to know for sure is through an in-person consultation. During this important appointment, we’ll cover your … Continue reading

When Your Breast Augmentation Is Not What You Expected

While we’d love for all breast augmentation results to last a lifetime, there are many reasons why that doesn’t happen. Our bodies age, our lifestyles change, and the implants used may no longer be the size, shape, or type that fits our desires. If that description sounds it could apply to you, know that you do have options, and the look you’re seeking may be achievable! I take a unique approach to breast augmentation that considers not just the patients’ current needs, but also their lifestyle, their plans for the future, and their long-term aesthetic goals. You can read more … Continue reading

Why I Recommend Combining Plastic Surgery Treatments

One of my absolute highest priorities for every patient is a natural-looking result that makes her feel like her best self. For many patients with multiple concerns, one way to achieve this is by combining 2 or more treatments at one time, which is a cornerstone of my approach to patient care. For example, a breast lift is often combined with a breast augmentation. This is done with the optimal result in mind: If only an augmentation were performed but the patient still had some ptosis, or sagging, the implants would only exaggerate that sag. Adding a breast lift will help the … Continue reading

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