5 Reasons Why Winter Is the Ideal Season for a Cosmetic Treatment

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With fall in full swing and the holidays rapidly approaching, you may be surprised to hear that this can be an ideal time to schedule a cosmetic treatment or plastic surgery procedure. At my Houston practice, these are some of the reasons patients choose the fall and winter months to undergo treatments.

#1. Cooler Weather

As the temperatures drop, we begin to pile on sweaters and scarves to combat the brisk air. This will make it much easier to conceal any bruises, swelling, and bandages during your recovery from a breast or body procedure. Typically, we stay away from bikinis this time of year and stick to our favorite cozy cashmere. As surgical scars heal, sweater weather is a great excuse to stay covered up.

#2. Time Off

Many people already have time off or take time off for the holidays, so incorporating that into your treatment and recovery timeline can be a 2-for-1 deal. For a procedure such as a Mommy Makeover, I recommend my Houston patients take up to 2 weeks off to recover, so every little bit of paid time off helps.

If you have children, it may be easier to have a procedure when they are on school break since you won’t have to worry about making lunches, school transportation, etc. And, if you have family in town for the holidays, they may be able to lend a hand with housework, kids, or simply taking care of you while you heal.

Before & After Tummy Tuck Case 385 View #1 View in Houston, TX
Before & After Tummy Tuck
Before & After Tummy Tuck Case 435 View #1 View in Houston, TX
Before & After Tummy Tuck
Before & After Tummy Tuck Case 444 View #1 View in Houston, TX
Before & After Tummy Tuck

#3. Time To Prepare for the Summer

If you’re planning a procedure like breast augmentation or tummy tuck this winter, you will be way ahead of the game when swimsuit season comes around. Swelling can take several months to go away entirely, and scars take time to flatten and fade. You’ll also need to take several weeks off from exercising. Having your surgery at this time of year gives yourself ample time to heal and get back to your fitness routine before temperatures rise in spring and summer.

#4. Limited Sun Exposure

If you have a surgical procedure, you’ll definitely want to protect your incisions from the sun for several months to get the best possible scar outcome. If you choose a skin treatment like laser hair removal or a chemical peel, sun protection is also crucial. This is much easier in the winter months when the weather keeps us indoors more, and our exposure to the sun is minimized.

Remember: sun protection is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer! Learn more about building an effective, sun-safe skincare routine in our related blog post.

Before & After Chemical Peels Case 366 View #1 View in Houston, TX
Before & After Chemical Peel
Before & After Chemical Peels Case 486 Front View in Houston, TX
Before & After Chemical Peel
Before & After Melanage Peel Case 559 Left Oblique View in Houston, TX
Before & After Chemical Peel

#5. New Year, New You

Time and time again people declare unrealistic New Year’s resolutions. Why not actually enter the new year looking and feeling your best? Getting a treatment or procedure can give you renewed confidence and a positive outlook come January. It is a great opportunity to start the year off right!

See for Yourself

Looking at mommy makeover before-and-after pictures is one of the best ways to get a sense of what’s possible. Check out my gallery of past patients so you can see the variety of body types I’ve treated and the goals I’ve helped my patients meet.

If you are ready to take the next step toward achieving the body and skin you’ve always wanted, please request a consultation or call us at (713) 571-0600 to get started.

This post was originally published in 2017 and has been updated for 2023.

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