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No More Waiting! 4 Procedures for Moms to Consider This Year

The new year means a fresh start. And for many moms, that means a fresh look. Whether you’ve been thinking about reversing the effects of pregnancy with a mommy makeover in Houston, or reducing the signs of aging with facial rejuvenation, there’s a cosmetic option that can help you look and feel good this year. Here are my recommendations for the top 4 procedures for moms to consider in 2019. Winter: ThermiSmooth® Cold, dry air often causes signs of aging to become even more pronounced. Concerns like wrinkles and mild skin sagging can be addressed quickly and easily with ThermiSmooth. … Continue reading

5 Surprising Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

Anyone who has heard of tummy tuck surgery in Houston is likely familiar with the body shaping benefits: a firmer midsection, flatter stomach, and slimmer silhouette. However, a tummy tuck provides a number of other functional benefits in addition to the obvious cosmetic perks. Here are a few of the lesser-known advantages: Exercise becomes easier. Many of my patients who have tummy tuck surgery are bothered by excess, sagging skin around their midsection. This may be due to many different factors, including dramatic weight loss, aging, or having children. Sometimes, the extra folds of skin are so significant that they can interfere … Continue reading

How To Be the Most Beautiful You on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable and special days of your life. It is a day dedicated to celebrating you and the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, so looking your best is a must. We offer many services for brides-to-be at my plastic surgery center and medical spa here in Houston. In this post, I will discuss what treatments to schedule during the weeks leading up to the big day. Planning to get your nails, hair, and makeup done is just the tip of the iceberg. Some of our favorite treatments … Continue reading

Breast Augmentation : The “Natural Look” Is In

The days of oversized breast implants may be coming to an end. In Houston, plastic surgeons like myself have noted more women requesting natural-looking implants. This “less is more” approach helps women feel confident and beautiful without the signs of obvious surgical intervention. In my practice, I work closely with every woman to help her achieve the aesthetic results that fit her lifestyle and personal preference. Why are women opting for more natural-looking implants? One of the most common reasons that women are choosing smaller implants for their breast augmentations is to make exercising easier. As any woman with large … Continue reading

Questions to Ask During a Tummy Tuck Consultation

You’ve made the exciting decision to get a tummy tuck. One of the first steps in the process is your consultation. This appointment is extremely important because you will discuss your surgical plan with your doctor, and you get the opportunity to ask questions or express any concerns you might have. During a tummy tuck consultation at my plastic surgery center in Houston, I try to be as thorough and helpful as possible. It’s always a good idea, however, to come to your consultation prepared with questions. Following are some good things to talk about with your surgeon regarding the … Continue reading

4 Common Reasons Women Choose Breast Augmentation

Micromastia: Perhaps the most common reason to pursue breast augmentation, micromastia is just what it sounds like: small breasts. However, micromastia can be rather subjective. One woman’s “too small” may be another woman’s “just enough.” If you simply feel that your breasts are too small relative to your frame, or your breasts never seemed to “fill in” during puberty, micromastia is likely the reason you’d list for wanting breast augmentation. Asymmetry: First, let’s address one important point. Very few sets of breasts, if any, are perfectly symmetrical. The expression you hear about eyebrows also applies to breasts: “They’re sisters, not … Continue reading

What Is a Liquid Facelift?

Everyone ages differently, and a liquid facelift can be customized to address each patient’s unique concerns. Many people choose a liquid facelift to minimize wrinkles, forehead lines, and the loss of facial volume, but we can also lift, sculpt, and contour areas of the face to achieve even greater results. Most often, a liquid facelift can be completed in a single outpatient session with minimal or no downtime required. It’s a popular approach with younger patients who want to postpone the look of aging as much as possible. In fact, this population makes up a large portion of the patient base at my medical … Continue reading

Considering Breast Augmentation? Ask Yourself These Questions

#1: What do I hope to achieve from this procedure? Believe it or not, breast augmentation is not always about larger breasts. Many women pursue breast surgery to correct an asymmetry or to even perk up “the girls” after pregnancy. But this might not be the best approach. A breast lift might be more appropriate for breasts that droop or nipples that point down, below the breast crease. A breast lift can be performed on its own or combined with breast augmentation to improve both volume and position. A breast augmentation on its own doesn’t noticeably lift the breasts and may actually make … Continue reading

Lunchbreak Procedures

Several nonsurgical treatments at our med spa in Houston offer excellent results yet involve very little downtime. Some of these treatments are referred to as “lunchbreak procedures” because they can easily be done during your lunch hour, and you can return to work immediately after treatment. We now offer 3 new lunchbreak procedures: InstaLift™, ALMI™, and Aerolase® LightPod Neo. InstaLift™ The InstaLift is an exciting new treatment that uses dissolvable sutures inserted under the skin to raise the underlying tissue and provide an instant lift and more youthful appearance. Most InstaLift patients are between the ages of 35 and 55, … Continue reading

BOTOX® & Fillers: Do You Know the Difference?

Injectable fillers and BOTOX. At my medical spa in Houston, many patients have heard of these products—or even used them themselves—but aren’t always sure how they differ. These products are both injectable, and they both aim to fight the look of wrinkles. But they work in very different ways. If you’re planning a nonsurgical rejuvenation or just a simple touch-up, it’s important to know what gives each product its power. BOTOX The active ingredient in BOTOX is botulinum toxin type A, which has the ability to reduce activity in specific muscles. Once injected, BOTOX surrounds the nerve and prevents receptors from … Continue reading

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