The “Mommy Makeover” Conversation

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When I meet with women to discuss mommy makeover at my Houston practice, one concern that often comes up is how to discuss your upcoming surgery with your loved ones. I know it can be tough to talk about this very personal decision with your spouse, partner, and especially your children (if they’re old enough to understand). I wanted to devote this month’s blog post to creating a guide for discussing your procedure with the people closest to you.

Let’s start with your partner. If you’re married or living together, there are a few concerns specific to this special person in your life. If you have joint finances, you’ll need to discuss the cost. It’s so important to be completely transparent with your partner when it comes to matters of money. Mommy makeover is a big surgery, and many of my patients need to use savings or third-party financing to cover the expense. By ensuring you’re on the same page regarding how you intend to pay for surgery, you can avoid any uncomfortable discussions later on.

Romantic partners are also typically concerned about the recuperation process. While you won’t be completely out of commission in the days and weeks following your surgery, having a reliable partner who’s willing and able to pull a little extra weight around the house can be a big help. You won’t be able to lift anything heavy (like a child), and you’ll need emotional as well as physical support while you heal.

Approaching the conversation itself may require a bit of strategy. Choose a time when your family isn’t preoccupied or pressed for time. The dinner table may be a good starting point, or on the sofa with your spouse after the kids have gone to bed. It’s OK to be a little vulnerable. Don’t be afraid to share your true and honest thoughts about why you want to have a mommy makeover, and be prepared for questions. It’s also important to be patient. If this is the first time your family has been made aware of your desires, they might need some time to absorb everything and come back to the conversation later. You may be sure you’re ready for a mommy makeover, but your family may take some time to get there. That’s OK.

Don’t forget that you’ve got backup. Whether it’s in the form of pamphlets from my office, my website itself, or even an in-person meeting with me, I want to make sure you have the resources and the knowledge available to help you and your family members feel fully informed and prepared as you transition into this exciting new chapter of your life.

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