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3 women with their stomachs exposed, considering mini tummy tuck surgery

Mini Tummy Tuck: Is It Right for You?

Although tummy tucks create flattering, transformative results, they’re also known for having one of the longer recovery periods in plastic surgery. It’s not uncommon to need 2 to 3 weeks off work after the surgery. Because of this, many women and men are intrigued by the less intensive mini tummy tuck option at my Houston …

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Camille G. Cash, M.D. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Dr. Cash Shares Her Thoughts on Breast Shaping Procedures with

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with to share my thoughts on surgical and nonsurgical options for creating a perkier, less saggy breasts. In this article, I discuss some of the options available to patients for lifting and reshaping breasts and their effectiveness, Vampire Breast Lift, BodyTite and fat transfer. Nonsurgical and non-invasive …

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Young women laughing and discussing a mommy makeover procedure

Mommy Makeovers Aren’t Just for Mommies

Our bodies change over time, sometimes as a result of pregnancy and sometimes due to aging, weight fluctuations, and other ups and downs. The mommy makeover was originally designed for women who wished to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back. Today, women (and men!) of all backgrounds can enjoy the benefits of a mommy makeover at …

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Woman touching her hair after hair restoration treatment with CENTRIcyte

Effective Hair Restoration with CENTRIcyte™

Though women don’t often discuss it, hair loss is an issue that affects many of us. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, nearly 40% of women have visible hair loss by the time they are 40. In the season 17 premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kourtney developed a bald spot on her …

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Woman revealing a sleek post tummy tuck procedure

That Instagram Weight Loss Remedy May Really Be a Tummy Tuck

We’ve all seen the posts on Instagram: jaw-dropping celebrity weight loss transformations that showcase flat, sculpted tummies free of stretch marks or sagging. These celebs often attribute their success to fad “detox teas” or similar gimmicky products. What they may not be telling you, however, is that those results really came from a tummy tuck. …

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Camille G. Cash, M.D. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Textured Breast Implant Recall: What You Need to Know

Allergan, the maker of Natrelle Inspira BioCell textured surface silicone and saline breast implants, recently announced that they are recalling all of their textured breast implants due to the risk of Breast Implant Associated- Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) , a rare form of cancer. Dr. Cash created this video to address this recall and explain …

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Person on a scale considering post-weight loss surgery

Post-Weight Loss Surgery: Learning from Dr. Cash’s “Skin Tight” Transformations

There’s no denying the transformative role plastic surgery can play in a weight loss journey. When I appeared on season 3 of TLC’s “Skin Tight,” program, I had the opportunity to help extreme weight loss patients complete their physical and emotional transformations through plastic surgery at my Houston practice. Sharing that experience with a national …

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Woman lying on bed after getting breast implant removal

Why Breast ‘Explants’ Are On the Rise

The phrase "explant surgery" is something women considering breast augmentation may come across during their online research. The name describes the process of having breast implants removed or replaced with other implants. My goal when performing breast augmentation at my Houston plastic surgery practice is to create long-lasting results that my patients love. However, there …

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How Far Is Too Far With Dermal Fillers in Houston?

How Far Is Too Far With Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are one of our most requested med spa procedures—and for good reason. They are effective, nonsurgical, minimally invasive, and can make just the right amount of difference in the appearance of the face. Patients choose fillers like Restylane® and JUVÉDERM® at my Houston practice for a variety of reasons, from adding volume in …

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