The Good—and the Bad—of Life After Breast Augmentation

The Good—and the Bad—of Life After Breast Augmentation in Houston

When I meet with prospective breast augmentation patients at my Houston practice, they often express concerns about what day-to-day life will really be like after the procedure. While these women know their bodies will look different, they worry about how things may change on an emotional level.

Here’s the good news: studies by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that women who undergo breast augmentation report gains in quality of life after surgery. What does that look like? How do things really change once you recover? Here are a few notable differences my patients have experienced.

A new wardrobe will be in order. You’ll need to purchase a collection of bras in your new size, and you may have to rethink some of what you used to wear. Because of the change in proportions, what once was flattering may not be anymore. However, you’ll also be able to enjoy wearing styles you didn’t feel as confident in before.

People might try to touch without warning. Every mom has experienced friends and family (and even strangers!) randomly reaching over and touching their baby bump. The same is true for a newly augmented bust. People you’ve let in on the surgery news may be a little too excited about checking out the final results. Make sure you set clear boundaries and be vocal about what you’re not OK with.

You’ll try to spot other breast augmentation patients. It’s somewhat like buying a new car and suddenly seeing the same make and model everywhere. You’ll be newly aware of just how many women around you have had the same procedure.

Weight gain isn’t as obvious. Many women who get breast implants notice that small fluctuations in weight aren’t as apparent as they once were. Since your body proportions are now more balanced, a little more weight here and there won’t be as noticeable.

Your confidence increases with time. It’s important to note that during the first few weeks of recovery, the size and shape of your breasts may not match your expectations. Swelling and healing incision sites may throw you off at first. But as time goes by, you’ll fall more in love with your new figure and start to discover how great you feel and how excited you are to put the new you out there.

While concerns about life after breast augmentation are completely normal and valid, it’s important to keep in mind the adjustment period is just one step in your journey toward looking and feeling your best. When you come in for a consultation, we’ll be sure to discuss any questions you may have and create a treatment plan you can feel confident about from start to finish.

To learn more about how you can improve your quality of life with breast augmentation in Houston, contact us online or call (713) 571-0600 to request a consultation.

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