What I’m Using: Dr. Cash’s Skincare Favorites

What I’m Using: Dr. Cash’s Skincare Favorites in Houston

They say if you want to see what’s going to come into style, look at what fashion designers are wearing. The same thinking applies to cosmetic professionals and their skin. At my plastic surgery and med spa practice in Houston, I’m always testing out exciting new products and treatments to see which ones I can add to my routine and recommend to my patients.

For those who want to stay in the know, I’m letting you in on the skincare essentials I swear by. Read on to find out about my favorite products and get my insider tips for maintaining healthy, youthful skin.

Overall Healthcare

It bears repeating that your skin will suffer if you’re not caring for yourself with plenty of water, sleep, nutrients, and exercise. When I’m not making self-care a priority, the first place it will show is my skin. It’s as simple as it sounds: inner health leads to an outer glow.

Eye Cream

If you’re old enough to buy alcohol, you’re old enough to take care of the delicate skin around your eyes. Keeping this area hydrated will ward off fine lines and wrinkles and slow down telltale signs of aging. For those who suffer from pigmentation and puffiness, my 2 favorite eye creams are Neocutis Lumière and SkinCeuticals® AOX+ Eye Gel.

Antioxidant Serum

You’ve heard about the benefits of antioxidants in your diet—the same is true for your skin. Antioxidants limit the production of free radicals that damage cells. That means they’re great for keeping dermal tissue healthy and fighting the onset of aging. Many antioxidant serums exist, but my go-to ones are from SkinCeuticals. For those with oily skin, Phloretin CF Gel, and C E Ferulic® for those with dry skin.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

In the skincare world, we love talking about hyaluronic acid, because it works! This acid is a hydrating substance naturally produced by the body, and it’s also used in dermal fillers such as JUVÉDERM® to add natural-looking volume. I use SkinCeuticals HA Intensifier to keep my skin looking firm and smooth with a boost of long-lasting moisture.

ThermiSmooth® Treatments

Even with the best serums, skin can use extra help as it ages. To keep my skin looking firm and smooth, I use ThermiSmooth around my eyes and mouth—areas that are quick to age. ThermiSmooth uses radiofrequency energy to safely stimulate collagen production. Treatments on the face take between 15 and 30 minutes and require minimal, if any, downtime. You can expect to see tighter and more toned skin, especially if you opt for a series of treatments that are about a month apart.

The treatment possibilities don’t stop there. If you would like more tips on skincare and med spa procedures in Houston, contact us online or call (713) 571-0600 to request a consultation.

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