My Unique Approach to Mommy Makeovers in Houston

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As a woman, mother, wife, sister, and friend, I’ve learned that there are no 2 situations, 2 women, or 2 experiences that are the same. And, as a plastic surgeon specializing in mommy makeovers in Houston, I have realized how important it is to approach and support each of my unique patients with flexibility; this the first step to creating the results she wants. There are no 2 bodies or 2 breasts that are the same, so it’s impossible to take a standardized approach to procedures. This is especially true when it comes to the all-encompassing mommy makeover, which is why I’ve come to develop my own unique approach to the procedure.

Thanks to my extensive training, years in private practice, and my own personal life lessons, I’ve grown to understand how my patients’ experiences and lifestyles affect the aesthetic results they seek. With this insight and my patient’s goals in mind, I work to provide them with the right treatments to achieve those goals, creating a unique approach to the mommy makeover procedures I offer to my patients.

Qualifications and Training

I began my training at Howard University in Washington, D.C. where I received my undergraduate degree in Chemistry and then attended Baylor College of Medicine, where I earned my medical degree. As a resident, I trained in general surgery and plastic surgery through St. Joseph Hospital and its affiliated hospitals in The Texas Medical Center. I was very fortunate to work under the direction of highly qualified and distinguished surgeons. With this training, I’ve received certifications from both the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. These board certifications required extensive training and testing, and helped ignite my passion for my career and reinforced the need for continued medical education. The training I’ve undergone has allowed me to provide state-of-the-art procedures, technologies, and care to my patients, which is critical in each step of the procedure process.

Personal Experience

After meeting my husband as a student at Baylor, we’ve built a beautiful family. I have 3 children who are active and inspiring. I can confidently say that providing for my children and expanding my career is both challenging and exciting, and I love every minute of it! But I also understand firsthand how pregnancy and the stress of balancing family and work life can affect a woman’s body. These experiences allow me to tie both the emotional and physical experiences of life to the medical side of the mommy makeover procedure for a truly specialized approach. Whether it’s treating loose abdominal skin and muscles, lifting a woman’s breasts, removing fat, and/or smoothing contours, there is a unique approach available that can help each woman meet her needs.

Focus on Mommy Makeover

Throughout all of the training and experiences in my career, I’ve had the joy of providing outstanding results to patients undergoing a variety of plastic surgery treatments. From breast augmentations to facelifts, the gratification that patients receive from their results is what makes my job so wonderful. But over time, I’ve come to find that I love to offer the mommy makeover treatment because it can address multiple areas of a woman’s body. Each area that is treated complements and enhances neighboring areas of the body for optimal results and even happier patients. The procedure combines multiple treatments into a single surgical session and can include tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast lift, liposuction, and more, depending on the patient’s concerns and aesthetic desires.

The real patient photos below exemplify the transformation this procedure can offer. As you can see, the patient underwent a breast lift in which I used her own breast tissue as an “auto-implant” to create more fullness in the upper aspect of her breasts and a more shapely overall appearance. This procedure added just enough volume to create a natural-looking result. Additionally, I removed extra skin in her abdomen that was a result from both pregnancy and weight loss to give her smoother, more toned contours of her torso.

In the “after” picture you can see that her abdominal scar has faded over time and can be completely hidden by underwear or a bathing suit. To help minimize the appearance of her abdominal scar, I used the medical product called embrace®, which has been clinically proven to improve wound healing in cosmetic surgical patients. You can learn more about the details of this patient’s experience and her treatment in our Photo Gallery. Her end result was truly a total body makeover, focusing on her entire figure rather than just her abdomen or breasts. This enabled me to provide her with balanced, natural-looking results.

Through my work, I strive to uphold my mission statement — to celebrate the inner beauty of every patient and demonstrate a commitment to the most advanced cosmetic surgery techniques available. I offer each patient personalized care, honesty, and unwavering attention to detail to ensure her every concern is addressed. These values help me relate to my patients and provide them with the experience they deserve.

To learn more about the mommy makeovers at my practice, visit the procedure page or learn more about my experiences in plastic surgery and what has helped to shape my career.

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