Plastic Surgery Specialist in Houston Wins Awards

Camille Cash, M.D.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Camille Cash was recently named a Doctor’s Choice for Breast Surgery in Houston and one of the Top 25 Women in Houston. These awards highlight her surgical abilities as well as her contributions to the community.

Houston, Texas (March 2011) – Dr. Camille Cash, a specialist in all things plastic surgery in Houston, was recently recognized as a Doctor’s Choice for Breast Surgery, as well as one of the Top 25 Women in Houston. As voted on by her peers as well as Rolling Out Magazine, these honors reflect her commitment to her patients and practice, and demonstrate her talents as a surgeon.

“I feel honored to be recognized by my peers and other respected individuals throughout the Houston area,” states Dr. Cash. “To me, these accolades are particularly meaningful because they demonstrate my commitment to the community. I am proud to serve women and men in this area for a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.”

Dr. Cash was named a Doctor’s Choice for breast surgery by Health & Fitness Sports Magazine. She is among a select group of surgeons voted as the specialist to whom other physicians would send their friends and family. In addition, Dr. Cash was named one of the Top 25 Women in Houston, a list which recognizes women who are remarkable visionaries, have broken barriers, and who have brought their talents to diverse professions.

Dr. Cash is known for her caring patient approach and increasingly growing practice. “I perform a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, and always strive to provide my patients with remarkable results that they are happy with for years to come,” says Dr. Cash. “For instance, for women who have had a mastectomy and are interested in reconstructive surgery, I offer various methods to reconstruct the breast. One method uses a breast implant (similar to breast augmentation in Houston) while other methods use a patient’s own tissue to replace the lost volume and complete the reconstruction. My goal with each procedure is to create the best possible outcome for a woman to feel more comfortable and whole again after surgery.”

In addition to the breast procedures Dr. Cash is respected for, she performs body contouring procedures and facial surgery. For example, her Houston liposuction patients can contour their bodies by removing excess fat deposits from specific areas.

“I always take the time to find the best approach to help my patients achieve their cosmetic goals. I will listen to them and create an individualized treatment plan for each person. I believe that this is what creates the trust and the close relationships that I have with my patients.”

Learn more about the plastic surgery procedures in which Dr. Cash specializes by request a consultation or calling us at (713) 571-0600.

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