Dr. Cash Speaks Out About Coronavirus

Camille Cash, M.D.

Dear TeamCash Community,

As many of you know, the Coronavirus is starting to make its way around the world, and some cases have been hitting US soil in recent days and weeks. First and foremost, Camille G. Cash MD, PA takes the safety and well-being of our patients and employees very seriously. The situation is changing daily, and we are watching it closely so we can be prepared to take all the proper precautions to make sure everyone feels safe.

While the CDC and related government agencies have said that we can continue with our daily routines at this time, it is important to stay vigilant and do what we can to provide the best environment in our practice so you can continue to be “You Only Better” with peace of mind.

Our day to day cleaning procedures are already very comprehensive, but given the current situation, we are increasing our in place processes to keep our practice space safe and welcoming for all patients and staff. Along those lines, we have increased our in-house cleaning by current staff to clean and sanitize frequently touched surfaces, props, and equipment multiple times a day, and are asking all staff and patients to refrain from coming into the practice when ill or suffering from allergies. If you are sneezing, coughing, have a runny nose, appear ill, or have any other symptoms of illness we will have to ask you to leave.  You may have noticed we placed extra hand sanitizer through out the practice and have added it in our bathroom as well for use after washing your hands.

Please remember to wash your hands frequently, use hand sanitizer and or sanitizing wipes often, and if your are symptomatic of an illness, from allergies to the common cold to the flu, please refrain from coming into the practice and stay home – while this is always true, our vigilance now is so important and we look forward to working together with our patients to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and safety.

We will continue to keep you informed if anything changes.

We are deeply appreciative of your understanding and help in keeping everyone in TeamCash safe and healthy.

Thank you.

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