December 2016 Newsletter

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It’s your time to shine! With the holiday parties in full swing we’re sharing our favorite secrets for achieving healthy skin and a smoother silhouette in time for the busy social season and well into the new year. Check out our tips and specials* below!

1. HydraFacial MD® & Skin Pen®

This cleansing and hydrating facial removes impurities and adds moisture and essential nutrients back to the skin. See how this bride prepped for her wedding day with the treatment at our practice! Our tip: Receive the treatment 2 to 3 days before your big event for a gorgeous, healthy glow!

2. Thermi™

Thermi is an all-encompassing treatments that we love offering! It tightens and tones muscle and tissue, requires no incisions, and can treat multiple areas. Results will improve over time, with optimal results appearing after 6 to 12 months. Treatments can be performed on eyes, cheeks, neck, body, and intimate areasOur tip: Consider receiving the treatment in the winter to see results before those warmer-weather months arrive.

3. Injectable Treatments

Now is the perfect time to receive a customized injectable treatment. These treatments can offer facial renewal without surgery by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, preventing new ones from forming, and restoring lost volume for a more-youthful appearance.

You can see the difference in this patient’s smile lines, marionette lines, and under-eye area. Results last 3 months to 2 years, depending on the
treatment. Our tip: Receive the treatment at least 1 week before an event so any irritation or swelling will be minimal.

4. hcG Program

Looking to slim down in the new year? Our 40-day, physician-monitored hcG program could be just the kick-start you need to reach those New Year resolutions. Learn more online or give us a call directly! Our tip: Combine the program with a healthy diet and steady exercise routine for enhanced results.

One of my absolute highest priorities for every patient is a natural-looking result that makes her feel like her best self. For many patients with multiple concerns, I achieve this is by combining 2 or more treatments at once, which is a cornerstone of my approach to patient care. Read more about my approach and the 3 main reasons why multiple procedures are often a good idea on my blog.

You’ve probably heard that winter is an ideal time for undergoing both surgical and nonsurgical rejuvenating treatments, but do you know why?

1. You have more downtime: With the cooler weather outside, you’re probably spending a little more time inside relaxing rather than staying active outdoors. This provides an optimal time to let your body recover and heal.

2. You’ll spend less time outdoors: The sun’s harmful rays can actually reverse the results of some treatments like lasers, chemical peels, and facials. Plus, scars can become darker and more prominent with sun exposure. Winter clothing and shorter days keeps scars and treated areas covered for added protection. But you still need to wear sunscreen!

3. You’ll be fully recovered by summer: Timing is everything! If you’re looking forward to showing off smoother contours, a lower neckline, or just feeling more confident in summer clothes, a winter treatment will help ensure you’re ready by the time that warm weather arrives.

Whether you’re looking for a total mommy makeover or skin tightening with Thermi, you can see how other patients have benefited in our before-and-after gallery. Check out their transformations and stories by clicking below!

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