Why I Recommend Combining Plastic Surgery Treatments

Houston woman happy with her minimal scaring after mommy makeover

One of my absolute highest priorities for every patient is a natural-looking result that makes her feel like her best self. For many patients with multiple concerns, one way to achieve this is by combining 2 or more treatments at one time, which is a cornerstone of my approach to patient care.

For example, a breast lift is often combined with a breast augmentation. This is done with the optimal result in mind: If only an augmentation were performed but the patient still had some ptosis, or sagging, the implants would only exaggerate that sag. Adding a breast lift will help the implant to sit in a higher position on the chest with better support, for a more natural and comfortable result.

Here, I’ve addressed 3 main reasons why multiple procedures are often a good idea.

1. Breasts are often affected by the same life events that warrant a mommy makeover. The problems we solve through cosmetic surgery don’t often happen in isolation. For many of my patients, stretched breast tissue during breastfeeding happens along with loss of volume thereafter, as well as weight gain or weight loss and the effects of aging. All these factors affect the appearance of the breast, and unfortunately, we can’t correct for all of them with any single procedure. Back pain, frustration during exercise, and so many other factors can also have an impact — not just on the breasts but other parts of the body, too. That’s why breast enhancement can be just as influential in a mommy makeover as a tummy tuck.

2. Results of full body treatments are often more rewarding and transformative than single procedures. For example, if the patient’s lower abdomen has a smooth, renewed result from a tummy tuck but her breasts still sag or have lost volume, her overall results and appearance won’t look or feel as fulfilling as they could. If that same patient opts for breast implants during the same surgery, the results then complement each other for a more dramatic “reveal.” You can see what I mean in the case of this patient below: She had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation simultaneously, which led to a well-balanced result.

3. It’s safer and more economical to undergo 2 treatments at once, rather than deciding on a breast augmentation/lift later, after a tummy tuck. First, by undergoing multiple procedures at once, you will only need to go through the recovery phase once. I don’t think anyone wants to double the time or energy needed for recovery if she doesn’t have to! Second, you’ll be under general anesthesia when you undergo enhancement surgery. Anesthesia isn’t bad for your health, but it does carry very minimal risks of complications, which means it’s safer to only be placed under anesthesia once. And third, there’s a cost savings associated with combining treatments, because things like hospital fees and anesthesia costs will only have to be paid once.

That said, while I often recommend the combination of procedures to patients, it’s definitely not necessary for everyone. There are many women who have been fortunate to only need a breast augmentation to restore lost volume after breastfeeding, or liposuction to smooth out their contours. I will customize my recommendations to each patient and their beautiful, unique body shape. Still, I encourage you to keep an open mind to what’s best for achieving your aesthetic goals.

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