Breast Augmentation : The “Natural Look” Is In

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The days of oversized breast implants may be coming to an end. In Houston, plastic surgeons like myself have noted more women requesting natural-looking implants. This “less is more” approach helps women feel confident and beautiful without the signs of obvious surgical intervention. In my practice, I work closely with every woman to help her achieve the aesthetic results that fit her lifestyle and personal preference.

Why are women opting for more natural-looking implants?

One of the most common reasons that women are choosing smaller implants for their breast augmentations is to make exercising easier. As any woman with large breasts knows, the extra weight can make it difficult to perform certain activities like jumping and running. Additionally, because of the added weight on the front of the body, women with larger breasts often experience back pain.

Larger implants not only can be physically uncomfortable, but they can also limit your wardrobe options. Spaghetti straps and tube tops are often out of the question. Larger implants mean finding tops and dresses that can help support your breasts.

How can surgeons make breast implants look more natural?

To achieve natural-looking results, I first do a thorough examination of your breasts, skin elasticity, and figure to create a treatment plan that fits your natural frame. For some women, a small frame and little existing breast tissue may not accommodate larger implants. These women often end up with stretched skin and noticeable implants. It is important to listen to the advice of your board-certified plastic surgeon.

After doing my evaluation, I recommend not only which size implant would look best, but also implant type, shape, and profile. I offer both silicone and saline implants at my practice. Typically, silicone implants have a more natural look. Additionally, these cohesive silicone gel and form-stable silicone implants feel almost identical to natural breast tissue. I also offer both round and teardrop shaped implants. The anatomically shaped teardrop implants are designed to match a natural breast shape that is wider in the lower portion and tapers at the top. Lastly, the breast implant profile refers to the amount that an implant sticks out from the chest. Patients who want natural-looking results usually opt for a low or moderate profile.

What are the steps patients should take to achieve their desired results?

Start by communicating with your surgeon during consultation. If you tell me what your desired results are, I will do everything in my power to help you get the look you want. Do not hesitate to ask any and all questions and express your concerns.

I also advise my patients to bring in pictures of what you want to look like after your breast augmentation. Make sure to bring in photos of women who have a similar body type to you. Even better, choose photos from my gallery of my real patients.

If you are ready to take the next step, request a consultation online or call our office at (713) 571-0600.

2 Responses to Breast Augmentation : The “Natural Look” Is In

  • Kate says:

    I’m interested in getting breast augmentation by the end of this year. My current breast size is 34B. I don’t know how big I should go to make my chest look as “natural” as possible and what implants to use. I’ve read in this article that before you settle for one, we need to consider what is our goals and how the choices available will help us achieve those goals. Do you have any recommendations?

    • Camille Cash says:

      Thank you for your question Kate. As far as choosing the best implants to achieve a natural look, an in-person consultation would be needed. An implant that achieves an incredibly natural look on one patient may look completely different on someone else due to the unique anatomical differences each patient presents. From chest-wall cavity, skin laxity, notch-to-nipple measurements, each breast augmentation I perform is tailored based on patient preferences and their existing structural framework. To request a consultation or additional information as you consider your options for Breast Augmentation, visit or call us at 713-571-0600. We look forward to hearing from you!

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