Breast Augmentation: Before or After You’re Done Having Babies?

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Younger women who visit me for breast augmentation here in Houston have plenty of questions — and most of them want to know whether the surgery is compatible with pregnancy. In this blog post, let’s get to the bottom of that topic so you can make an informed decision.

Your Candidacy: Breast augmentation is well-tolerated and noted for its safety, so if you’re dissatisfied with the size of your breasts and are in generally good health, you’re likely a candidate. However, the only way to know for sure is through an in-person consultation. During this important appointment, we’ll cover your needs, lifestyle, and overall health to evaluate whether breast augmentation is right for you.

Busting Myths (About Busts): One of the most common concerns of prospective breast augmentation patients is that of breastfeeding. Women who want surgery but also want children in the future worry that their ability to breastfeed will be diminished or even eliminated if they have implants. I’m happy to report that there’s not much merit to those concerns. Most of the time, normal breastfeeding isn’t disturbed by implants or scars from a breast augmentation.

Maximizing Your Results: While breastfeeding after augmentation is possible, you may opt to postpone your surgery until after you’re finished building your family in order to maximize your results. During your consultation, we’ll talk at length about your specific concerns, as well as your goals, to ensure you make an informed decision.

Recovering: Breast augmentation requires that patients take about 1 week off from work in order to heal adequately. This is especially important to keep in mind if you have small children at home that need to be picked up, since lifting anything over a few pounds should be avoided after surgery. Be sure you have someone at home to help you with this and the other details of daily life, including caring for pets and doing chores around the house.

The Mommy Makeover: Since we’re on the subject of babies and breast augmentation, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the mommy makeover, a patient favorite for treating various parts of the body affected by pregnancy and breastfeeding in a single surgery. I offer a completely customizable array of options for this specialized procedure, including nonsurgical treatments.

See for Yourself: Take a look at what breast augmentation has accomplished for women across all phases of life when you take a look at my before-and-after gallery of previous patients. (There are plenty of examples in the mommy makeover gallery, too!)

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