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Wedding Bells Are Ringing!

Many women have an idea of what they want their wedding to look like long before they’re even engaged…and what they want to look like themselves is no exception!  Find out why so many beautiful Brides-To-Be in Houston trust in us to ensure sure they look as beautiful as they feel on their special day!

Ask Yourself: Am I Ready for A Mommy Makeover?

Even when you’re 100% ready and committed, a mommy makeover here in Houston is a major, life-changing decision. It takes thought, research, coordination, and determination to go through each part of the process. So how do you know if you’re ready? That’s one question I hear so many women ask — whether they’re friends, family, or patients of mine. Though my response will depend on each unique patient and her situation, there are a few common threads to my advice, no matter who’s considering the procedure. Here’s my rough checklist to help you understand whether this is the right time in … Continue reading

December 2016 Newsletter

It’s your time to shine! With the holiday parties in full swing we’re sharing our favorite secrets for achieving healthy skin and a smoother silhouette in time for the busy social season and well into the new year. Check out our tips and specials* below! 1. HydraFacial MD® & Skin Pen® This cleansing and hydrating facial removes impurities and adds moisture and essential nutrients back to the skin. See how this bride prepped for her wedding day with the treatment at our practice! Our tip: Receive the treatment 2 to 3 days before your big event for a gorgeous, healthy glow! 2. Thermi™ Thermi is … Continue reading

Why I Recommend Combining Plastic Surgery Treatments

One of my absolute highest priorities for every patient is a natural-looking result that makes her feel like her best self. For many patients with multiple concerns, one way to achieve this is by combining 2 or more treatments at one time, which is a cornerstone of my approach to patient care. For example, a breast lift is often combined with a breast augmentation. This is done with the optimal result in mind: If only an augmentation were performed but the patient still had some ptosis, or sagging, the implants would only exaggerate that sag. Adding a breast lift will help the … Continue reading

Have A Question?

Considering Plastic Surgery?  Looking for answers to your questions about cosmetic procedures?  You’re not alone! 

Our Practice Philosophy

“For us, we want the offices to feel like a home away from home,” Dr. Camille Cash says. “We hope our cosmetic surgery patients and medical spa clients feel like they are our guests.” Learn more about our practice philosophy and mission statements in this video featuring Dr. Cash and some of her her patients.  

Managing Scars After Mommy Makeover

One of the major reasons I love the mommy makeover procedure for my patients in Houston is because of how truly transformative it can be. Not only does it contour and slim the abdomen, enhance and restore the appearance of the breasts, and reduce excess skin — it can also provide the opportunity to reduce scars from past surgeries in the abdomen. Reducing Scar Visibility Many of my tummy tuck and mommy makeover patients are mothers who have had Caesarean sections, hernias, or other lower abdominal surgeries which have resulted in visible, discolored scars. Most often, these surgeries are not performed … Continue reading

How To Go From “Oww” to “Wow!”

Mommy makeover and tummy tuck surgery yield some of the most dramatic results as well as the highest patient satisfaction rates.  The inevitable drawbacks of these popular procedures, namely post-operative scarring and pain during healing, are now being significantly minimized with the help of ongoing advancements in the medical field. Most find a scar to be an easy tradeoff for their newly flat and contoured abdomen, and in fact, most are pleased to find that after about a year of healing the scar fades to white or silver and is much less noticeable.  Better yet?  Now, with Embrace® active scar … Continue reading

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