After Weight Loss
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After Weight Loss

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At her practice in Houston, body contouring after weight loss is something that Dr. Cash finds particularly gratifying. "I really enjoy helping these patients - who have already worked so hard to lose a great deal of weight - to complete their transformation," says Dr. Cash. Sagging skin, tissue laxity and residual fatty deposits can cause both physical and emotional discomfort for massive weight loss patients. Plastic surgery procedures can eliminate bulk and create firmer, sleeker body contours for women and men who want to fully enjoy their slimmer, healthier bodies.

Dr. Cash is a board-certified plastic surgeon with highly specialized training in post weight loss plastic surgery. She uses advanced techniques for dramatic results from body contouring procedures including these:

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If you have worked hard to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, you deserve to feel great about yourself. If you are considering plastic surgery to enhance the results of your weight loss, request a consultation with Dr. Camille Cash, or call her office at (713) 571-0600 to schedule an appointment.

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