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Breast reduction surgery is a very important aspect of Dr. Cash's practice. The joyous reactions she sees from patients after breast reduction in Houston gives her a tremendous sense of satisfaction. "I have patients who are 15 or 16 years old and so shy and self-conscious that they walk into my office with their shoulders hunched over hiding their bodies. It is amazing to me to watch those same girls transformed into normal, giddy teenagers who are now excited about shopping for prom dresses," Dr. Cash relates. "I also remember a 64 year old patient, who after a short scar surgery, was so delighted with her results, she wondered why she did not have the procedure 20 or 30 years ago."

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Breast Reduction in Houston with Dr. Cash

If you have breasts that are too large or heavy, you're likely to have a number of complaints such as neck, upper back or shoulder pain or even rashes between or beneath the breasts. Also permanent grooves in the shoulder can occur from the prolonged wear and tear of heavy bra straps. In addition, you probably feel self-conscious and you may have trouble finding clothing that fits you properly. Dr. Cash performs breast reduction surgery for women just like you to resize and reshape the breast, thereby eliminating these symptoms and improving self-esteem.

The procedure, known medically as reduction mammaplasty, typically involves a circular incision around the areola (the pigmented portion of the breast), a vertical incision that extends from the areola to the fold beneath the breast, and a horizontal incision along the crease of the breast. The excess breast tissue is then removed and the redundant skin is trimmed and draped around the newly shaped breast. The result is a smaller and uplifted breast. Older techniques required the use of very long incisions and sometimes, removing the nipple and areola and replacing them as a skin graft. For patients who are appropriate candidates, Dr. Cash is pleased to offer short scar breast reduction surgery to help minimize scarring. The use of these short scar techniques allows Dr. Cash to create a breast that is more resistant to recurrent sagging as compared to older techniques.

Medical studies have also shown that a future risk of breast cancer may reduced (but not eliminated) after reduction mammaplasty.

In cases of breast asymmetry a unilateral reduction may be performed. For some patients in Houston, liposuction may be used to remove excess fat from the back and sides of the chest at the same time as their breast reduction. A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) can also be performed in conjunction with reduction mammaplasty.

Dr. Cash typically performs breast reduction as an outpatient procedure at the University General Hospital in the Houston Medical Center.

Candidates for Reduction Mammaplasty

If you suffer from physical problems relating to heavy breasts, from joint pain to insomnia, you're likely to be a good candidate for reduction surgery. Dr. Cash also recommends breast reduction for women who find they can't engage in the physical activities they'd like to pursue and therefore lead a much too sedentary life. If you're like most women who suffer from physical discomfort, you also experience emotional distress from being the center of unwanted attention. All these motivators are valid reasons to seek a surgical solution. In fact, insurance companies often recognize this and cover all or part of the procedure.

Reduction mammaplasty is most often performed on adults, but Dr. Cash does work with younger women in physical and emotional distress. If you are young, it's important to understand fully how your body will change and to be realistic about the outcome. For example, you'll need to consider that although you will almost certainly be thrilled with your smaller, lighter breasts, reduction surgery won't magically grant you the perfect body. And though you may be able to breastfeed in the future, there's no guarantee.

The Breast Reduction Procedure and Recovery

Reduction mammaplasty normally takes two hours or longer and is performed under general anesthesia. Because tissue and skin are removed, you'll need to allow yourself several days to recover and plan for some discomfort which you'll be able to control with pain medication.

You'll be up and walking the day of your surgery, but you'll want to give yourself plenty of time to rest. You'll notice feeling tired more quickly than usual for a while. Most patients can return to light activities including work in about a week, and begin to do gentle exercise in about three weeks. The majority of your recovery will be complete in about six weeks, though pain may return from time to time for a few months and your scars will take a while to fade.

If you have questions about breast reduction, take a moment to read frequent questions and get answers from Dr. Cash.

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