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Injectables Before & After Pictures of Patient 239

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Case Number: 239

Injectables Before Photo | Houston, TX | Camille Cash, M.D.   Injectables After Photo | Houston, TX | Camille Cash, M.D.
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Case 239

These before and photos show the results of my own treatment with Dysport.  I injected 30 units between my brows (glabella) to treat my "11" lines.  To smooth the horizontal lines above my brows (often called "worry lines") I used an additional 30 units of Dysport.  I love being able to help my Houston patient's look as refreshed and happy as they feel on the inside with this simple, in-office procedure.

If you are considering injectable treatments to rejuvenate your appearance, we are here to answer and questions you may have to set up an appointment for you at either my Upper Kirby office or satellite office in the Willowbrook area.  To contact us, click here or call us at 713-571-0600.

Surgeon: Camille Cash, MD

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