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Mommy Makeover Before & After Pictures of Patient 236

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Case Number: 236

Mommy Makeover Before Photo | Houston, TX | Camille Cash, M.D.   Mommy Makeover After Photo | Houston, TX | Camille Cash, M.D.
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Case 236

This Mommy Makeover patient is 5’3 and weighed 217 pounds on the day of her consultation.  With the last of her 6 children grown and out of the house, she had more time to focus on her health and began running 4 miles each day.  While she looked forward to her daily runs, she felt held back by discomfort in clothing and self-consciousness.  She desired a tummy tuck, liposuction, as well as breast implants to correct her breast asymmetry and to add volume proportionate to her figure. 

The results of her surgery are seen here in photos from her 1 year follow up visit.  A 700cc implant was used on her right breast and an 800cc implant was used on her left to add symmetry and volume proportionate to her frame.  Liposuction of her bra line removed a 500ccs of volume in this area.  1200ccs of volume were removed from her flanks with liposuction, creating her new, more feminine waistline.  Lastly, I performed a tummy tuck, removing 1389 grams (approx. 3.1 pounds) of excess tissue which dramatically flattened her midsection.  Scarring was kept minimal with the post-operative use of embrace scar therapy.  

If you are considering mommy makeover surgery in Houston, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you to discuss the options available to you in achieving your desired look.  When you come in for your consultation, Dr. Cash will show you before and after photos of patients who had similar goals and body type prior to their surgery so that you can get better visualize the incredible results that can be attained.  She will explain the procedure in detail and will answer all of your questions so that you can be confident in your decision.  Call us at 713-571-0600 or click to request a consultation at either our Upper Kirby or Willowbrook office.

Surgeon: Camille Cash, MD
Patient Age: 49
Height: 5'3"
Weight Before: 217 lbs
Implant Size Left: 800 cc
Implant Size Right: 700 cc
Implant Wall: Smooth Wall
Implant Contents: Liquid Silicone Implants
Implant Shape: Round

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Mommy Makeover Before Photo | Houston, TX | Camille Cash, M.D.


Mommy Makeover After Photo | Houston, TX | Camille Cash, M.D.


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