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ThermiVa Before & After Pictures of Patient 189

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Case Number: 189

ThermiVa Before Photo | Houston, TX | Camille Cash, M.D.   ThermiVa After Photo | Houston, TX | Camille Cash, M.D.
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Case 189

Moments after seeing Dr. Cash discuss ThermiVa on Fox 26 News, this patient called to set up a consultation to find out if ThermiVa would help treat the incontinence issues she had secretly been dealing with for years.  During her consultation we discussed her symptoms and health history in depth to confirm that she was an ideal candidate for the treatment.  While her primary goal for ThermiVa treatment was to treat her urinary urges and leakage, as we discussed the procedure in detail, she opened up about her orgasmic dysfunction and was thrilled to hear that ThermiVa not only improves the ability to achieve orgasm but also increases vaginal moisture and comfort before, during, and after sex. She is already noticing  significant improvements and is shown here immediately after her 30 minute treatment, performed at my Willowbrook office near her home in Cypress. 

Surgeon: Camille Cash, MD
Patient Age: 54

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