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Liposuction (Liposculpture) Before & After Pictures of Patient 15

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Case Number: 15

Liposuction (Liposculpture) Before Photo | Houston, TX | Camille Cash, M.D.   Liposuction (Liposculpture) After Photo | Houston, TX | Camille Cash, M.D.
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Case 15

This woman from the Houston area was troubled by excess amounts of fat located on her upper and lower back. She came to my office seeking more information about which cosmetic surgery in Houston would most effectively correct the look of these unwanted fat deposits. After discussing her surgical goals, we decided together that a liposuction procedure was her best choice to create the smoother, more attractively sculpted shape that she wanted.

Good liposuction candidates are women and men who are close to their target body weight, but have troublesome pockets of fat that persist despite diet and exercise. Prior to surgery, I injected a "wetting solution" into the patient's fatty tissues to make her fat cells easier to remove and minimize post-operative discomfort. During the liposuction procedure, I used a long, thin "cannula" to break up and remove fat cells. Cannulas access the fat pockets through a series of small incisions which heal quickly after surgery, so that any scarring is not easily noticeable.

I removed 2.9 liters of fat from this patient's upper back and love handles during her liposuction in Houston. Comparing her pre- and post-operative photos, the contours of this woman's body appear much smoother and tighter, displaying a smaller waistline and clearer, more feminine curves. This woman is very pleased with the results of her procedure and enjoys her more flattering, naturally shapely figure.

If you have thought about liposuction and would like to find out how it can help you meet your appearance goals, request a consultation with me personally or contact my office by calling 713-571-0600 today.

Surgeon: Camille Cash, MD
Patient Gender: Female

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